Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women

under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Soamsawali

"Indicator of civilized Society is THE STATUS OF WOMEN"


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Assistance and Support

As a charitable organization, APSW received assistance and support from many organizations in both the public
and the private sectors. Among these included the followings:

Organizations in the public sector

Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Public Health and the Medical Office of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration provided support for selected programs of APSW to provide assistance to women and children, accounting for
about 6.7 percent of the revenue of the APSW.

Health Center 60, Bamrasnaradoon Hospital, Nopparatrajathani Hospital, Bhumibol Hospital, Vajira Hospital and
Sritanya Hospital provided services to women and children seeking medical assistance. This was in-kind support,
worth about Bht 1,000,000.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration provided full cooperation as required and assistance was in many areas
such as landscaping, sewerage, road repair etc.

The Air Force provided assistance including utility maintenance and repair, and transportation as requested.

Private sector

Many private/business organizations provided cash support including Philip Morris (Thailand) Limited,
Srifuengfoong Foundation,
Ladies Mission Group, MK Restaurant among others.

Organizations in foreign countries which provided financial support for activities included : Norwegian Women
and family Association World Population Foundation

In-kind contribution amounting to approximately Bht 200,000 on consumers products was received from different
organizationssuch as Nestle, Premier Marketing, Poh Teck Tung Foundation.

Donation from the general public

Generous support was received from the public. A wide range of contribution including cash, non-cash items,
used clothing, books,food items was received throughout the year.

Special contribution

The APSW received very kind contribution from Venerable Phra Stapana Bhudhiwangso of Suwannaram Temple,
Bangkok Noi District who designed and supervised the landscaping of the APSW compound. Suan Khun Ya
( named in commemoration of Maechee Khunying Kanitha Wichiencharoen, called by APSW staff as Khun Ya
or grandmother) and Suan Tammachat Bambat (literally translated as Natural Healing) have turned out to be one
of the most uniquely beautiful recycled landscape and gardens in the country.



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