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Abstract of Presentation at Workshop I Session : Violence against Women
6 November 2006
WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Efforts to combat violence against women have been made by different organizations in both the public and the private sectors in Thailand in the past 20 years. The women NGOs working on violence for the past decade have been active in finding measures in providing gender sensitive assistance to women. Coalition among NGOs to fight against violence on women has been formed since 1996. They have jointly worked together in campaigns on all issues relating to violence against women, whether it be protesting the decisions made in the judicial process, holding seminars and meetings, awareness raising activities as well as campaigning for legislative and attitude changes.

The Association for the Promotion of the Status for Women (APSW), a charitable organization mandated to address violence against women problems has provided shelter and fully comprehensive services for women and children confronting physical, psychological and sexual abuses, unwanted pregnancies, abandonment including HIV/AIDS. The past 25 years have seen over 50,000 women and children receiving assistance from APSW and at present, on any single day, there are about 120 women and children sheltered at our Emergency Home.

APSW has in the past several years, launched many rehabilitative as well as preventive activities. It has opened up a one stop service center for rape victims (Kanitnaree Center), fully equipped with medical examination and video-recorded investigation facilities to provide gender-sensitive and comprehensive services assistance.

A few projects to raise an awareness on domestic violence and to strengthen community capacity have been launched. In addition, a series of pilot workshops for managers of about 200 Sub-district organizations in different parts of the country were conducted in 2004 to encourage them to pay a greater attention within their subdistrict to take care of family violence.

Despite these seemingly recognized concerns on violence, commitment has not yet been adequate. One of the reasons that family violence has been treated as a less important issue particularly with government decision-makers, is mainly the result of lack of reliable documentation of violent incidents. Each of the agencies dealing with violence both in the public and the private sectors has its own record but those records and information have not been compiled in such a way that nation-wide statistics could be made available for highlighting the severity of the problem.

The Gender and Development Research Institute or GDRI, the research arm of the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women has pushed the government in the setting up the data base. It has thus been assigned by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to serve as the focal agency, at the initial stage, in setting up a systematic data base and providing national statistics. Since January 2006, the data base has started compiling the records of different agencies in both the public and private sectors. Prevalence statistics is thus accessible on the Ministry’s and GDRI website on a biannually basis. It is believed that the available statistics should be invaluable for advocacy and in tackling with gender-based violence.

Although the issue of violence has received a wider attention, there is a gap of knowledge and the measures and strategies that have been developed thus far may still be inadequate. Continued effort has to be made. The very first and foremost to be tackled is the change in the public attitudes from regarding the issue of violence particularly domestic violence as a private to a public issue and a concern for all.



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