Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women

under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Soamsawali

"Indicator of civilized Society is THE STATUS OF WOMEN"
Maechee Khunying Kanitha Wichiencharoen
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APSW  Services  : Statistics for 2009

1,938 Women and children seeking help from the Emergency Home

Among these,

 490 sought shelter and assistance

49 received counseling (non residential)
1,479  Women received hotline counseling
(On any given day on average,  there are  

140  Women and children sheltered at the Emergency Home )

115 Infants taken care at the Nursery during the year

80 Children receiving care from the Children’s home
(20 Average number of children at the Children’s home each day)

16 Vocational skills training courses offered

698 Women in cluding people from the community participating in the training

100 Secondary schools in Bangkok started implementing the computer-based
sex education program  - The World Starts with Me

5,461 Interested persons/ groups visited APSW during the year

274  Students, undergraduate and graduate level, from different universities underwent practical training at the Emergency Home

3 Swedish and  3 Norwegian students volunteered and underwent training at the Emergency Home

9  volunteers, 3 Thai and 6 volunteers worked at the Emergency Home
Over 400  Donation boxes placed at various places in BKK
including all Watson branches

120$  Average cost for providing  one child per month

150$  Average cost of one women per month

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